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May I operate a drone?

May I operate a drone?14 August 2019 “I’m an amateur photographer and have been toying with getting a drone to take aerial photos with. I’m not sure though if I need a license to use a drone and whether I’m allowed to take photos with a drone. What are the current rules about using a drone?”

Drone law in South Africa is a relatively new field of law with the flying of drones in South African airspace previously largely unregulated. About five years ago, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (“SACAA”) issued a statement explaining that the civil aviation laws in place at such time, did not provide for the registration, certification or operation of drones in South African airspace, confirming that South Africa did not have the necessary drone law in place to regulate various important issues such as safety, security and/or privacy in respect of drone operation. read more here https://www.jcat.co.za/NewsResources/NewsArticle.aspx?ArticleID=2970

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